The Benefits of Including Hide-A-Hose within your Home or Workplace!


It’s an easy Installation!

Hide-A-Hose is easily installed in new builds or existing properties and can be integrated with any existing central vacuum system.


It’s a Viable Investment!

Designers and architects are increasingly specifying Hide-A-Hose for both domestic and commercial developments. Builders, developers and home owners alike, acknowledge the benefits of including a central vacuum system with a retractable hose, thus adding saleable value to your property.

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It’s practical!

The hose is stored within the central vacuum pipe-work, simply lift the valve door and pull-out the required length of hose and begin cleaning. When you’ve finished cleaning, the suction power of the central vacuum unit retracts the hose within the pipe-work.

It’s quick!

The convenience of having a retractable hose at hand, ensures a quicker cleaning experience in a far more efficient manner, without lugging a heavy portable vacuum around! 

Hide a Hose

It’s hygienic!

Cleaner, fresher air is achieved as all of the dust is deposited within the vacuum unit away for your living or working environment which is beneficial to allergy sufferers and pet owners alike.

It’s Powerful!
The motors used in central vacuum power units are generally larger and more powerful than portable vacuums and the higher air watts generated are needed to retract the hose within the pipe-work.

It’s quiet!
Despite the larger motors of a central vacuum system it is significantly quieter than most portable vacuum cleaners. The low noise level during use enables you to make a phone call, listen to music or engage in conversation during vacuuming.  

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All you need for a perfect installation

Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system – The new and easy way to clean

Never have to carry a hose around with you again with our practical new retractable hose system.

The perfect solution for quick and easy cleaning. Each retractable Hide-A-Hose is housed inside the wall. Simply pull the hose out to the required length for cleaning, attach the preferred tool for your cleaning task and switch the system on from the Hide-a-Hose valve. Once you've finished, disconnect the cleaning tool, partially cover the mouth of the hose with your hand and it retracts back into its wall housing. The Hide-a-Hose system comes with all the accessories you need to vacuum quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

Hide-A-Hose - Retractable Hose System 


The simple, efficient way to vacuum your home.

Hide-A-Hose is installed as a central vacuum system and can reduce the number of conventional inlet valves required. Hoses are available in 8, 10, 12 and 15 metre lengths. Regular central vacuum cleaning tools and attachments are all compatible with the HaH2 handle. 


You can choose to install a different length of hose for each retractable hose in your property, adapting the hose length to suit the requirements of your furniture layouts.   


A 12-metre hose can cover a floor surface of 150-200m². To ensure optimum coverage of a home it’s recommended that the valves are located centrally within the property.


Hide-A-Hose uses conventional 51mm plastic vacuum pipe but has to use the longer radius fittings to enable the smooth hose retraction process. The trajectory of the pipe is important when planning and installing the pipework, as the pipe houses the hose when retracted.


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