INTEGRAVAC the first integrated central vacuum for apartments

INTEGRAVAC is a new central vacuum unit for flats and apartments. Space-saving and powerful but still quiet in operation, the INTEGRAVAC has all the advantages of a central vacuum system. The machine is mounted either in a kitchen base, a cabinet or on the wall of a utility room. The dust is collected in a filter bag in the device. The five-ply disposable bag is easily accessible and can be easily exchanged. INTEGRAVAC can be used in combination with a retractable hose system (for example Hide-A-Hose) or with a switchable vacuum hose.

Central vacuum systems
Hide a Hose
Hide a Hose

The new central vacuum system for apartments and smaller properties. 

IntegraVac by SACH Central Vacuum Systems, is a new revolutionary compact vacuum system for apartments or flats. It’s small enough to fit under a kitchen unit or inside a cupboard, or even wall mounted in a utility room.


Powerful, yet quiet, IntegraVac offers all the benefits of a traditional central vacuum system, but with its compact size enables space saving advantages for smaller properties.


The IntegraVac unit is easily emptied and maintained, simply pull-out the drawer cassette to access the 4-litre disposable filter bag. Five disposable filter bags are supplied with each unit, which is sufficient for a whole year of use.


With hygiene in mind, a carbon particulate filter is used to purify the vacuumed air, which is easily removed and inspected for simple maintenance inspection.  


If it isn’t possible to vent the IntegraVac unit to atmosphere, there’s a small exhaust box that easily attaches to the back of the unit. The exhaust box includes both HEPA and Active carbon filters, to further refine the expelled air.

Technical data

max. suction power
engine power
max. air volume
max. vacuum
max. air pipe
for apartments
amount of inlet valves
container volume

400 Airwatt
1100 Watt
162 m³/h
255 mbar
20 m
to 150 m²
5 per installation
4  liter
38,8 x 37,0 x 12,5 cm
8 kg

Integra vac
integra vac
integra vac
  • Quiet in use: its design incorporates sound-absorbent materials which stifle the sound of it in use.

  • Fitted with a relief valve channelling air to the filter area in the event of a possible blockage in the pipe network.

  • The latest in motor design. The same performance but with less energy consumed

integra vac